Doctors and nurses from African countries including Ghana are eligible to live and work in the UK in spite of the United Kingdom’s Code of Practice which has suspended the recruitment of health professionals from 152 countries since 2008.

Even with the updated version, which basically iterates the 2008 code and reduced the list to 47, Ghanaian health workers can directly apply to hospitals and care homes without any restrictions as the UK has not banned people (including those in the health sector) from the 47 countries from entering the country.

The implication of this updated code of practice is that recruitment agencies cannot come to Ghana to recruit. Consequently, health workers have to apply online directly to the employers – NHS, Care Homes, etc or through agencies (most of them do not have contracts to recruit as a result of the upsurge in direct applications from job seekers like you), which is what has been the procedure since 2008.

As a migration agency that champions legal and safe migration, Dreams Consult can confidently say that the direct application process is genuine and accepted by the UK as we have through this process facilitated several job applications and travels for hundreds of health workers.

We wish to reaffirm our commitment to faciliating geniune migration that guarantees our  clients  a stress-free, seamless and legal travel experience.

For more information on the direct application and how you can legally migrate to live and work as a doctor or nurse in the UK, feel free to read this.

You can visit our office, call or whatsapp us if you have IELTS and CBT but not getting a job offer. We will advise you on what you should do or help you do the applications if you so wish.

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Nursing in the UK made Easier

Information received from the UK NMC indicates that effective the 7th of October 2019, the processes involved in an oversea’s nurse qualifying to work in the UK would be made simpler. This should come as good news for nurses aspiring to work in the UK as well as all industry players including us.


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  1. i want to apply on behalf of my daughter who lives and work has a nurse in Ghana, Accra to come to the UK and continue work.

  2. Very grateful for the Ray of hope instilled in me ,but please I really really need your WhatsApp lines for some guidelines in the filling and submission of the forms .I’m really not concerned about the salary, we can negotiate things out when everything goes through. Looking for hear from you

  3. Hi learnt UK has placed restrictions to recruitment of nurses from some countries including Ghana. How far is it true.. I am Samuel from Kumasi

    1. Yes .True but not in that sense. You,the individual can apply directly for NHS, care homes etc. without the help of agencies. You can apply straight to U.K online NHS.

  4. I am a ghanaian registered nurse and have passed my IELTSand CBT. hope you can help me get a job offer

  5. I want to know whether you can work with Ghanaian license as a nurse in Uk.And also UK is recruiting Nurses in Ghana how true is it

  6. I am a professional widwife who just came to live in the UK but don’t have NMC pin yet so how can you help me.I live in Derby UK.thanks

  7. Hi, my name is Prince Ofori a health assistant with 8 years working experience I’m interested in moving to the UK to work as a health care assistant or a carer please can you help me with the recruiting thank you.

      1. Hi James, my wife is a professional nurse with 10 years experience at the ward. She holds bsc nursing from valley view university, Ghana. Pls, without the ilet, can she still be considered? And how much would be her Salary if she to be considered over there?

  8. Pls I’m a community health nurse in Ghana and I haven’t done My IELT nor OET exam, can I get a health work job in UK?

    1. There is an opportunity to work in the UK but it requires IELTS. Kindly contact our Work abroad team on 0240850600 for details.

  9. Hi,i just completed nursing school and I haven’t done rotation yet.can i move to the UK and register under thei system write their exams and practice as a nurse without doing rotation here in Ghana? Or I have to do rotation before?

        1. Hello Benard,
          When you say “someone can accompany you to UK as a health worker” do you mean you want to go as a dependant?
          if so or you want more clarification from us contact work abroad on 0240850600

    1. In most cases, a nurse can work abroad after his/her rotational year. You may contact us on 0240850600 for further details.

  10. Hello please I just finished my national service in Ghana,tema as an Rgn with diploma in nursing no ielts, am I eligible to work overseas

  11. Kindly engage the midwifery regulatory body in your country for more country-specific information.

  12. My fiance lives in Ghana she has worked as a nurse for 2 years and has diplomas but she would like to join me in the UK Aberdeen is there anybody she can contact in the UK as she keeps being told wh0 is not giving nurses from Ghana sponsorship