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Migration to Canada has become a topical issue lately on the lips and minds of everyone including nurses, engineers, teachers, midwives, pharmacist and many others particularly those seeking greener pastures abroad. To the lot more who share similar aspirations, Canada has become the most preferred destination largely due to the plethora of opportunities available there such as decent jobs, security, impressive livelihoods and respect for the rights of immigrants. According to the CIC News, the latest  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data show that Canada welcomed about 24,665 new permanent residents in January 2021 alone. This means Canada is accepting more and more people like you. It is projected that by the year 2030, Canada will open its doors to as many as ten million new people from countries like India, Nigeria, the US, Ghana, the UK, Philippines, Bangladesh and many other countries.

Apart from the numerous ways to legitimately migrate to Canada, Express Entry is regarded as one of the proven and safest ways to move to Canada. Dreams Consult is one of the most experienced agencies in Ghana that assist people in taking advantage of the express entry system to travel and live their dreams in Canada. The Express Entry is a way immigrants are selected to Canada based on their ability to settle in Canada successfully as permanent residents. This type of migration process was launched by the Canadian Government on January 1, 2015, and it is a point-based system of migration. A point-based system of migration means each applicant is assigned a point and those with the highest point get selected from the lot. In the case of the express entry, about 4000 applicants get selected every fortnight.

 To be able to travel to live and work in Canada through the Express Entry, applicants nurses, engineers and all other professionals would have to go through the following step by step procedures.

The first step is to get the documents required to enter the express entry pool. These documents are the certificate of language proficiency. Because Canada is a bilingual country, one can take the English test (IELTS General Traning) or the French test (TEF or TCF or both. In addition to the language tests, the application will need to have their certificates evaluated by designated institutions in Canada to arrive at how applicants qualifications compare with qualifications from Canada. Once the two documents which can be obtained concurrently are available, one can enter the Express Entry pool. Dreams Consult prepares candidates for the English language test, gets candidates documents evaluated and create the express entry profile for candidates. Not only do we provide those three important services for a little surcharge, but we also advice candidates on how to increase their overall scores assigned them in the pool so they get invited ahead of others.

Those candidates that attain a competitive scores ordinarily get invited in two weeks to apply for the Canadian Visa and Permanent Residency. The visa and the PR normally gets ready in three to six months. The good thing is that those who may not garner enough points and may not get invited because getting a high mark is very competitive also get to get opportunity to be chosen by a province who is in need of that candidate’s profession and work experiences.

Candidates who get selected by a province are those whose professions are in high demand in those provinces and Canada as a whole. Those professions that are in high demand are in the field of healthcare, engineering and IT. Therefore, nurses, pharmacists, midwives, lab technicians, software developers, civil and electrical engineers who may not have high scores are encouraged to apply.

Again, after making an application to the pool and while awaiting an invitation to apply from the federal government or expression of interest from any of the provinces, Dreams Consult submit direct applications to other specific provinces in Canada. These include but not limited to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Nova Scotia so as to fasten the process and to create a chance of being selected earlier. In most cases of the direct application process, British Columbia requires that applicants or nurses use their job application ID which was generated for them during the creation of their Express Entry profile.

 Furthermore, upon receipt of a job offer or an interest letter from a province, individuals whose professions are regulated like nursing and medicine may want to start the professional registration process in Canada. This registration process for nurses usually lasts between two to three months. However, this does not necessarily affect or delay the travelling process in any way. 

To start this life changing migration process, one must first find out if they are eligible to apply. Since most of you reading this may not have your IELTS, TEF or TCF done yet, do select IELTS and enter 6.0 for all components and the overall band when you get to where you are asked to enter the language scores. If you are eligible, you shall be given a code to be used in your application and the various stages of the application will also be made available to you. If you are unfortunately not eligible, you will be told so you do not have to waste time and money on the process. If you are not eligible but you desire to travel abroad you can visit our office to be advised. Kindly do not call and insist that we get a travel counselor to advise you on the phone.

Check your eligibility here.

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  1. I am an Optometrist in Ghana, I will like to work anywhere in Canada and the United States. I am will to take up any job that will enable me go through the process of acquiring a practice Licence as an Optometrist in these Countries.
    Thank you

  2. I am an experienced Optometrist in Ghana, and will like to work anywhere in Canada and the United States. I am willing to take up any job that would enable me support myself and go through the process to acquire a practicing Licence as an Optometrist in these countries.

    Thank you