IELTS Coaching Programme

Dreams Consult is a member of the British Council IELTS Program. With this status, not only do we provide expert training to candidates taking the IELTS, but register them for the test with our expertise to avoid errors. We also ensure that all registrations are done timeously so our cherished clients do not miss out on their test date.

Get the best IELTS tuition from us. We are the largest and the most successful IELTS training centre in Ghana. We train hundreds of candidates each month and the coaching ends only when the candidate passes the test.

Do not be left out, join us today. Our offices are located at the addresses below and you can also call any of the numbers attached to them for further information. We also have an online training platform for those who cannot make it for the regular classes. Click here for the online classes.

Mak-Geors House, Achimota,
Between New Station Overhead and Neoplan Station,
Opposite the Goil fuelling Station and Adjacent Kantanka Motors Showroom.
0303962074 / 0246000170

The Village, Adum,
Opposite the STC terminal,
In the building TV3 used to occupy and in the middle of the defunct UT Bank and the Old KMA Birth and Death Registry,
0322495250 / 0542550040

For more information contact our nearest branch, call or send a WhatsApp message to 0245444499.

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      1. Please I’m in Takoradi and I want to know how I can join the classes online.

          1. We have online and face to face class, Kindly contact 0245444499 for the cost for the respective mode of teaching

      2. Please,l am a community mental health officer with diploma ,can get the job in UK after l have passed my ielt exam.Am asking because l am part of Allied Health professional council.

      3. How do i join your class, am a BSc Mechanical Engineering graduate i want a scholarship in USA or Canada


        1. The tuition lasts for as long as it takes a candidate to be fully prepared, and that usually takes two weeks to three months depending on one’s level of proficiency in the English language and/or their availability for the lessons.

  2. will u be employed as a nurse in the uk after succesfully passing the ILETS or you have to go through their education system first?

    1. Good morning,I want to know the cost in registering and writing of IELTS . I’m in Accra and want to know the location too

      1. Please i want to know the cost involved if you want to write the IELTS.

  3. Pls I will be writing my general test 23rd November 2019. The answers for the listening and reading should it be in lower or upper case

  4. Pls, I have registered and will be writing first week in December. Pls, I need little guide, how can I get it?

  5. Pls I want to write in February, can it be possible to have just one month classes or get to know everything about it. Where do I get some the learning materials?

    1. You can buy the study materials here on the site and it will be delivered to you by FedEx. Alternatively, you can wait and get the materials when you join the class. One month is enough for one to complete the course and be fully ready for the test.

  6. Is it going to be online lecture?
    Are we to pay levels or the scholarship we do all?

    1. Hello,
      We have lectures conducted at our lecture hall at the three branches and we also provide online.

      What scholarship are you referring to?

  7. I would like to know if the project you started last year with IANS,still hold this year

  8. Pls am above 40yrs could it be when I pass the ielts exam can I get university admission in Australia?

  9. Please I’m a student nurse in my second year. So please when and how can I join IELTS

  10. Please I’m a registered community health nurse (Diploma), do I qualify to write this ILETS exams to work abroad and can I register for the classes and come on weekends??

  11. Please im currently working but want to write the ielts….time to attend the class is the problem…
    Any online studies

  12. Pls am a pharmacy technician, can i work in Canada through ielts and what band score do i need. What is the suitable exam to write under ielts for this….

  13. Please I am a registered community health nurse (certificate) am I qualified to write the ielts to work abroad?

  14. Please I want to join the IELTS class, please do you have weekends own and where in Kumasi are you located

  15. Please I just got admission to university this year to offer bachelor of nursing and I want to ask what will be the best time for me to join IELTS classes. The duration of the course is 3years. Thanks

      1. Please good evening.
        Is there a cause for worry about accommodation after passing the ielts and then proceeding to work abroad?

  16. I have a diploma in mental health nursing, and a degree in nursing, pls how timely can I land a job after passing?

  17. PLss after attendn ur classes, am i assured to pass the ielts on the first sitting ???

  18. Please, at North, do you have a branch?. I’m at Bolgatanga, and to join the classes. Please, how much is the cost of registration?

  19. Good morning, please I want to register for your exams. How do I get books, the shortest available period for the exams and the amount involve. Thanks

  20. I want to register for the tuition and write the exams but want to come for classes personally,how do I go about that? I’m in kumasi

  21. Pls am a registered midwife who just completed the rotation.I want to inquire after writing the IELT,will you help me with the application to study abroad.with the IELT too which one should I choose

  22. Good morning
    I want to know about IELTS and everything concern their exams and registration

      1. Please good morning my name is Mark Chankoi from Dalanyiri in the upper West Region of Ghana. Please I have completed senior high school the year 2020 and I want to join the class but not online, face to face how will I do to get it
        Please l have completed senior high school the year 2020

    1. We have the online and face to face coaching for the IELTS.
      Kindly contact 0245444499 for details and further assistance.

  23. Please I’m in Takoradi and a midwife , do I stand a chance of getting employed in Uk 🇬🇧 when I pass the exams ?
    Please how do I go about it if I’m eligible? Is there any WhatsApp group I will be added to ?

    1. Yes, you can work in the UK as a midwife after the successful completion of exams. Kindly contact 0240850600 for details.

    1. The UKVI IELTS exam is 2000 cedis and the Standard IELTS exam is 2240 cedis. Kindly contact 0245444499 for details on IELTS classes.

  24. I’m a senior staff Nurse from Northern region, Do you have center North.

    1. IELTS is an English proficiency examination whereas CBT is an examination that assesses one’s knowledge and expertise in the nursing or midwifery field.

  25. Please I want to apply for jobs abroad which IELTS is suitable for me, how much will it cost for online classes

    1. The online tuition fee is 600 cedis.
      The type of job and the country in question influences the type of IELTS that has to be taken.
      Feel free to contact us on 0245444499 for assistance.

  26. I am a registered community health nurse living and working in Tamale and I am interested in writing the IELTS. Where and how do I enroll?

  27. Please I want to write the exam how much does it cost and please what is the process

    1. At the moment, the Standard IELTS exam is 2660 cedis and UKVI IELTS exam is 2390 cedis.
      You may reach us on 0245444499 for assistance.

    1. The exam fee for UKVI IELTS is 2830 cedis and Standard IELTS is 2660 cedis.
      For details on tuition, kindly contact 0245444499.

  28. How much is the cost for registration of ielts currently?
    How much is the cost of your online tuition?

    1. The exam fee for UKVI IELTS and Standard IELTS exams is 2830 cedis and 2660 cedis, respectively.
      The online tuition fee is 600 cedis.

    1. Our tuition fees are: Accra 1000 cedis Kumasi:800 cedis Online 600 cedis. Kindly contact us on 0245444499 for assistance.