IELTS Online Class

Dreams Consult’s IELTS and OET Online Courses bring convenience to clients. With these courses, one can study anytime and anywhere at their own pace. Those with tight work schedules and unreliable internet connectivity are now fully sorted.
The stand-alone online courses are a combination of prerecorded videos, live classes, progress evaluation, practice tests and assessments.

First, candidates need to complete series lessons covering all the contents of the course they sign up for between one to two weeks. After all the lessons are completed, there is an opportunity to have live classes via zoom video conferencing. This video interaction is an avenue for candidates to ask questions on the respective course they have taken.

Finally, one will take the assessment which comprises sample questions matching the same standard as the real test.
The Listening and Reading components are marked in real-time while Speaking and Writing are marked within 24 hours.

Click on the test you want to take for the details and sign up.

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