Nurses4UK Project

The purpose of the project is to have nurses pool resources together to help each other financially to enrol in the UK NMC register and subsequently get a permit to work in the UK.


Members of the project will contribute 650 cedis each and this money will be held in trust by Dreams Consult and IANS on behalf of members. This payment qualifies subscribers to attend classes organised by Dreams Consult. Dreams Consult will then, through training and series assessment, select members for further assessment by a team of their trainers. Those who will excel will then be booked for the IELTS with the British Council. The amount spent on the registration will be taken from the pool. CBT training and registration will then follow. Thereafter, the NMC registration fee will be paid, TB test certification done and police clearance obtained.

Upon arrival in the UK, members will refund all the investment the project makes on them at the rate prevailing at the time without interest to pay the following:

  1. IELTS classes fee
  2. IELTS registration fee
  3. CBT training fee
  4. CBT registration fee
  5. UK NMC registration fee
  6. Ghana NMC clearance fee
  7. TB certificate fee
  8. Police clearance certificate.

If one has the money and wishes to do everything by him/herself, one is encouraged to do it without being part of the project. One may also exit the group anytime they feel they can pay without assistance from the project.

Benefits of the project.
a) Nurse:
Nurses and midwives do not need to have all the money needed for the process to be able to work in the UK. They only need 650 cedis to start.

The rate of IELTS failure is reduced as every member will receive quality tuition.

The processing time will be shorter as money is always available for the next stage.

Exit Strategy
Members can choose to discontinue their membership only before the IELTS registration. However, the joining fee can only be adjusted to write off the tuition fee at a prevailing rate.

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