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The purpose of this stage is to provide you the opportunity to ask the teachers questions on what you do not understand or need further clarification on. At this stage, it is expected that you understood the overview of IELTS and went through all the lessons that provided you an insight to how to answer IELTS questions.

It is, therefore, not a class for the tutors to deliver entire lessons over again. One must therefore note/write down questions on all that they would want to better understand before booking the appointment. Once again, it is a discussion where the candidates are required to ask questions that call for the discussion in the form of explanations helping them better understand how to answer IELTS questions.

It is also good to note that one can always return to book an appointment for a discussion whenever they encounter any challenge either in answering the practice test questions or they recall something from the prerecorded lessons needing a further discussion.

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