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The various states in the United States need a nurse to fill their hospital. Thankfully, Ghanaian nurses are one of the most respected across the globe and as surely are high demand in the US. Lots of nurses from Ghana have already taken advantage of these opportunity and there are a lot more demands. In the face of the unemployment situation in Ghana as graduate nurses will have to wait three to four years to grain employment, there is no restriction on Ghanaian nurses migrating to countries where they can get employment. Lots of nurses have already gone to countries like the UK, Ireland, and Barbados (with government arrangement).

The following are the processes one who desires to work in the US needs to go through.

First of all, one needs to be a qualified nurse, nurses with either a degree or diploma are qualified. They, then, need to obtain the academic module of IELTS. The certificate should not be more than twelve months old. The score required in IELTS is relatively lower than that which is required for the UK and Ireland. An overall band score of 6.5 and 7.0 in the speaking component is all that is needed. The grades in the other three components do not matter so long as they average with the 7.0 in the speaking as 6.5. It is advisable that those who missed out on reaching the requirement for the UK and Ireland in terms of IELTS to consider their grades against the requirement for the US. If they do, then it is worth considering the most powerful country in the world.

Once those two conditions are met, Dreams Consult through their partners in the US will help you obtain a slot to sit for the US licensing exams: the NCLEX.

After this exam is passed then the US green card will be worked on and an employer recommended for the candidate. Candidates are free to reject or accept an employment offer or negotiate the terms. It is worthy of note that Dreams Consult or its partners do not have any influence on the job offer neither are they parties to the contract the candidate will have with the employer.

After the offer is accepted, the Visa application will be filled and travel arrangements made by the employer.

The sponsorship package in this process includes but not limited to the NCLEX registration, flight to India or Filipine for the NCLEX exams, Visa application fee, flight to the US, and temporary accommodation for up to three months.

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Nursing in the UK made Easier

Information received from the UK NMC indicates that effective the 7th of October 2019, the processes involved in an oversea’s nurse qualifying to work in the UK would be made simpler. This should come as good news for nurses aspiring to work in the UK as well as all industry players including us.


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  1. I’m a mental health nurse with three years working experience and I recently wrote ielts exams and will want to be given guidance through the processes of getting a job offer as a mental health nurse.

  2. Pls am a degree nurse with 10 years working experience in a teaching hospital am interested in working as a nurse in us how can you be of help in passing the nclex exams

  3. Is there an NCLEX test center in the US?Also ,please is it the employer who will sponsor everything,..from NCLEX registration to the temporary accomodation in the United States of America?

      1. Hi,
        I’m a registered nurse who wants to move to the US as a nurse. I want to know how I can get the process started with you but when I contacted your work abroad contact, I didn’t get any proper response. He/she only asked if I’ve already taken the IELTS and did not respond again when I said yes. Please lemme know how I can get the process started. Thanks

        1. Hello Good morning.
          Securing a job in the USA as a health worker is quite a lengthy process that is why we mostly advise prospective candidates to visit the office for detailed explanation. The process starts with getting the required IELTS band score for the process, submission of documents for evaluation by your last school attended to the CGFNS. The submission can however be done after one has created a profile with them and made the necessary payment. The process goes on and on until an authorization is given to choose a test date and venue for the test. Some agencies do sponsor for the relocation to the test whiles others do not.

          NB: We are not an agency for NCLEX but rather help people to get one.

    1. Would these fees be pre-financed by the employer or the applicante needs to sponsor the trip to India for the NCLEX?

      1. Before Covid, some agencies could pre-finance the process, however, at the moment you will hardly get such opportunities.

  4. I am an Mphil holder and have been practicing for the past 14 years.
    I have not sat for neither ielet nor Nclex
    How do I start the process to enable me work in the US within the shortest possible time?

  5. I have my bachelors degree in midwifery KNUST, however I do want to work in USA as a registered nurse. Will my degree crossover and all i will need to so is sit for the nclex? Thank you

  6. I have my degree in midwifery however I would love to work as a nurse in the USA. Is it possible my qualification will allow me to sit for the NCLEX?

  7. Please am a registered nurse with 3 years experience and working in the Government hospital in ghana. How do I write the Nclex exams in Ghana. Cos am very serious to write it.

  8. A very inspiring article. Thanks for the information. I just completed my national service as a registered nurse. And I am now planning to sit for the ielts ukvi, but US is my most preferred destination so I found interest in this article so much. Is it still working at this time please ?

  9. Thank you very much for the information provided. Please are you saying Nclex cannot be written on line or that one cannot write Nclex without IELT?

    1. With your score, you can work as a Carer in the UK. Kindly leave a WhatsApp message on 0245444499 requesting the Carer requirements.